A New Beginning

A New Beginning

With our recent partnership to take over World Tailors, the integration of our products and websites meant the chance to create a blank slate for our media, as well as the shift into the fall and back to school season. We've been up to our eyes in ideas and transition tasks!

After a fortunate run-in with World Tailors, both teams sat down to discuss merging the two businesses. After a decade of successful impact and products, World Tailors owner Donna Teeple thought it was time to give the reins to someone else. With a very similar goal and desire to do good for marginalized communities, Skilled Accents seemed like the perfect fit.

As such, we will be taking over the World Tailors space as our new production hall where we will work with the same women on new and exciting products. Our storefront will remain in Hyde Park with all finished products for you to browse and shop for with ease.

There are many thrilling experiences on the horizon for us and our new team, so please join us on this wonderful journey!

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